WATCH: Top Family Issues 2022 

Parliament is back in session this week for the first time in 2022. Now you might rightly think that the priorities for the Government are to sort out significant issues relating to COVID & testing, the border & MIQ, gun violence & child abuse, the economy & inflation, housing & lending rules, health & education – and many many others……

But here is the FIRST item of business on the Government’s agenda….

Yep – ramming through a piece of social engineering that will criminalise loving parenting, prayer & pastors, counsellors & helpers, and those seeking change in their own lives. Even the Act Party warned that “the role of parents and religious institutions has not been adequately protected enough to ensure that only harmful conversion practices are legislated against…” 

But it’s not the only issue that you should be concerned about – and that we will be watching closely this year.

Grab a cuppa and watch our short overview of the top 10 issues (actually it’s 11 – we added a bonust!)

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