Sex education gets much more extreme

If you as a parent / guardian are already alarmed at the radical gender ideologies & sex education material being recommended by the Ministry of Education, politicians and activists to be taught in schools, buckle up! There is worse coming. It’s called “The Pleasure Project”, which is on a mission to “get sex educators hooked on talking dirty and embrace desire, joy, happiness, and pleasure in sex education.” They want to provide sex education with the emphasis on ‘sex’, not ‘education’. A closer look at their website shows a direct link between their education programmes and sites that are pornographic in nature and material. Watch this short episode of Family Matters which summarises the issue (and the threats), and then download the Fact Sheet.

[WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Some material shown is not suitable for younger viewers – which is very ironic, isn’t it!]

Read the Fact Sheet here:

The activists pushing this extreme agenda work very hard to hide it from parents! Fortunately, most schools and most teachers don’t want anything to do with this radical material. What about your child’s school?

We can get ahead of the conversation and teaching at school by creating an open culture of conversation at home. As a parent or caregiver, it’s our job to be a voice they trust the most on the topic of relationships and sex. Let’s be courageous and talk about sex & relationships & marriage & abstinence with our children.

Be the loudest voice on this topic. Let’s not leave the door open for our children to be taught about sex and relationships by voices of people whose agendas and values don’t align with ours.

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