FAMILY MATTERS: The Myth of ‘Banning’ Conversion (Joe Dallas)

Bob McCoskrie discusses the recent ‘conversion therapy’ ban law with author, conference speaker, and ordained pastoral counselor Joe Dallas from the US. Joe Dallas argues that the state can try and ban ‘conversion therapy’, but they’ll never be able to ban conversion. Issues covered in the interview include: * what does ‘conversion therapy’ actually mean? * secular medical & counselling groups say this type of counselling is always harmful. But they also say that clients “may choose to prioritise religious beliefs over sexual orientation”. Should we be coming under the authority of groups that reject biblical authority? * what is the ultimate goal of these bans? * what actually happened to the work of Exodus International? * is church teaching on biblical sexual morality “hateful” and “harmful”, as is claimed? * what advice would you give church leaders and counsellors, especially if they are approached by people seeking help and freedom and want to live their life according to biblical sexual morality. Joe Dallas taught and conducted the nationally recognised Every Man’s Battle 5-Day conference as the originating Program Director, and from 1991 to 1993, he served as the President of Exodus International. Joe has authored six books on human sexuality including his brand new book “Christians in a Cancel Culture”. Website:

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