Wokeness “hasn’t been easy for the Greens”

It must be exhausting for the Green party to try and juggle their confused woke ideology. They currently have male & female co-leaders under their constitution. Sort of like marriage. (Sooooooo bigoted!)

But now they wanna get rid of the male. (‘Males’ are very yesterday under critical theory.)

According to Matthew Hooton in the NZ Herald

“Party members will soon change the rules, instead requiring one co-leader to IDENTIFY as a woman and the second as ANY GENDER. They are also expected to introduce a rule requiring one to IDENTIFY as Māori and the other as any ethnicity.”

Does that make FOUR co-leaders? And just when you thought you might be able to understand it…..

“On the sex rule, using ‘male’ and ‘female’ excludes intersex people and has uncertain implications for transgender people. But changing the words to the genders ‘man’ and ‘woman’ would still exclude many intersex people and the entire non-binary community. The issue hasn’t been easy for the Greens.”

Understatement of the year…

It hasn’t been easy for most New Zealanders either. Replacing biology with ideology was never going to end up well.

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