McBLOG: 1.8m views – have you watched it yet?

As part of our school holiday series, we’re highlighting our most viewed videos on our Family First Youtube channel. And this 2019 video is the clear winner in terms of views – almost 1.8 million on YouTube and a further 300k views on our social media channels. In this short video, Dr MacLean explains the process of 1st trimester surgical-only abortions (approx 5 – 13 weeks). If you want to defend abortion, be sure to understand exactly what you’re defending. [Dr Norman MacLean NZOM performed up to 200 abortions very early in his medical career, but stopped after a year of performing them, and never performed another one. (He did do 8,000 births, including 2,000 caesarian sections in his 40 year career!) According to official government statistics, almost 30,000 1st trimester surgical abortions in just the last three years].

Also watch… “Why I Stopped Performing Abortions – An Interview with Dr Norman MacLean NZOM”

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