Shocking and disturbing – sex education being taught to 11-12 yr olds in NZ

We were contacted by a mum whose 12 year old daughter and classmates (aged 11-12) were exposed to the disturbing material below.

We apologise for the highly offensive content in this post, but THIS IS WHAT YOUR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN ARE BEING TAUGHT AT SCHOOL!

Please know that we will be getting legal advice on this material above, and will be making formal complaints with both the Minister of Education and possibly the NZ Police.

We have been trying to warn you – but do we need to persuade you any further?
Unless you can absolutely guarantee that your school leadership is adopting a ‘first do no harm’ policy with sexuality and gender education, respects your role as a parent, is regularly consulting with you and other parents in the school community, AND you can guarantee that groups like Family Planning and Rainbow Youth aren’t being allowed access to the classroom to push their propaganda, then we recommend withdrawing your child. ‘Hoping for the best’ may not be worth the risk.

Your Rights as a Parent

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