McBLOG: There’s no ‘pride’ in sexualising our children

Sexualising our children is not acceptable !! As part of indoctrinating a radical and extreme sexuality & gender ideology to our children, there is now “Schools’ Pride Week Aotearoa” for NZ schools being held this week, overseen by the radical and government-funded charity InsideOUT. Have you checked with your school to see whether they’re observing it? Children should not be exposed to such political and moral indoctrination by their schools. We show you what content your child may be exposed to, and how you can respond to protect your children.


There are so many LGBT-focused days during the year that it may be easier to mark the days when it’s not being showcased.

Auckland Pride MonthTransgender Visibility Day, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and TransphobiaPink Shirt Day, International Pride Month in June, Out on the Shelves (LGBT library books in schools / community), Celebrate BisexualityNational Coming Out Day and Transgender Day of Remembrance.

For those who are still not ‘bowing at the cultural altar’, there is now Schools’ Pride Week Aotearoa for NZ schools being held next week (12th-16th), overseen by the radical and government-funded charity InsideOUT.

“Pride” is a political movement which has been marketed as a demonstration of ‘inclusion and diversity’, but has become the main method for many schools to pacify the aggressive lobbying groups and cultural evangelists who are targeting schools and children with radical and extreme sexuality and gender ideology in the name of “LGBTQIA+++”.

While many adults in society now choose to attend “Pride” events, children should not be exposed to such political and moral indoctrination by their schools.

Ironically, even InsideOUT allude to this concern while trying to justify their indoctrination.

This is on the page relating to primary age children!!

Some young kids already know they are transgender, or nonbinary, or just ‘different somehow’. Others will grow into it later. .. Sometimes people think that we at InsideOUT Kōaro are trying to label kids and make them grow up too fast. You might face the same objection. However, what we want is for kids to be able to play, try out wearing a skirt or sparkles or a silly santa beard if that calls to them, try out ‘he’ or ‘she’ if they want, and in time grow healthily into whichever adult they are. Five year old Sam might grow into being Samuel or Samantha

And irrespective of the sexuality – heterosexual or otherwise, children should not be exposed to this extreme content.

Be prepared for “Pride Week” by finding out in advance what activities your children will be given. As in previous years, InsideOUT will be providing schools with worksheets, lesson plans, and activity ideas, so keep an eye on their website. Be prepared to withdraw your children from any lessons or activities of concern to you.

Here’s an example of the material that they want to push in primary schools (children as young as 5 years old):

Stickers to celebrate transgender, non-binary, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic…
“We have worked closely with rangatahi and our takatāpui community to gather this year’s campaign around the te reo Māori kīwaha (colloquial saying) ‘Poho Kererū’. A figurative expression that references the puffed up plumage of the native kererū bird (historically an important food source for Māori), ‘Poho Kererū’ cannot be directly translated. In inspired English, however, it is often adapted as ‘full of pride’ or ‘puffed up with pride’. “As is our tradition, the School’s Pride Week Sticker variants are inspired by the various pride flags. In addition to the ever-popular progress pride flag variant, this year’s stickers include transgender, non-binary, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, intersex variants as well as two variants inspired by the colours of the tino rangatiratanga flag to celebrate our takatāpui, irawhiti and rainbow Māori communities.” 

Yes apparently the Kereru is now the symbol of 112 genders and 200+ sexualities.

It’s also important to note that InsideOUT and RainbowYouth are heavily funded by the Government, and the resources are endorsed by the current (under-fire) Minister of Education.

Included in the resources for schools is an “all-inclusive” colouring book that explores historical moments, figures and the flags of the rainbow community. It’s an activity for primary / intermediate-aged learners.

Gender and sex on a spectrum

Egyptian royal servants thoughts to be thew first documented gays. They held hands, embraced each other, and were buried together.

The gay flag. Each colour has its own meaning apparently. Sexuality, healing. Sunshine. Nature. Magic. Spirit

Kinky boots – a musical about a show factory owner who teams up with a drag queen

And this classic. Oysters. Each one is both male and female with rough outsides and beautiful insides, they embody strength and beauty. Yes we have reduced the sanctity of marriage and male and female and procreation to – an oyster.

There is also a book database that has a range of categories as shown below. Remember – this is also for young children. We would encourage parents to check what books are being read during “Pride week” and also whether they are already in school libraries.

Here’s an example of a couple of recommended books for children

George – When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she’s not a boy. She knows she’s a girl.

I am Jazz – which profiles what is actually the very sad experience of Jazz Jennings who was a biological boy but transitioned at a very young age to being a girl – and highlighted to the world.

And Tango Makes Three – you can probably guiess what that’s about

King and King

And this doozy – Ask Me About Polyamory: If your relationships or your gender are unconventional, you’ll find useful advice and plenty of laughs in this compilation… explore polyamory, queer and genderqueer issues.

These are just a few examples of books that you probably don’t want your children reading. There are many more on the recommended list which are just as concerning.

From the InsideOUT website, they have a video resource page for teachers (all free resources) to use in classrooms. Ironically, they try to pretend that their resources aren’t radical by emphasising that the videos for intermediate-age (11-13 year olds) only focus “mainly on gender identity and less on sexual identities.” How comforting!

So PARENTS: What can you do?

First thing to do is to read our Parent Guide. It’s available on our website  It contains important information including:

* what are the legal rights of parents / caregivers

* what is the relevant law that parents should understand and quote when corresponding with their child’s school

* your action points as a parent, including key leaders to meet and events to attend, sample letters to have your children excluded from any classes or events you disagree with, and questions to ask in order to obtain the relevant information.

Contact your school and see whether they are observing “Schools Pride Week Aotearoa 2023”. Many schools won’t be because they’re rightly more focused on teaching and educating, and focusing on all students rather than their sexuality and gender identity.

If they are observing it, find out how they will be observing it, and is it optional. Will there be any pressure on students to participate in activities specifically related to it. Will outside groups such as RainbowYouth or InsideOUT be in the school during the week.

If you have any concerns, keep your children at home for the week.

Now you may be thinking – surely it’s not as bad as they’re making out. If that’s you,

we encourage you to simply go to SEXEDUCATION.NZ

Read our 8-page Fact Sheet. If you’re not sure whether the curriculum being targeted at your children is misleading, harmful and immoral, you will be left in no doubt by the time you read this resource.

And under Family Matters on our website, there’s a short presentation which presents more disturbing information – and which has been viewed by thousands and thousands of parents.

Your role is so crucial. ‘Hoping for the best’ is no longer an option. Let’s not leave the door open for our children to be taught about sexuality and gender theory by the voices of people whose agendas and values don’t align with ours.

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