MEDIA RELEASE: Major Daily Newspapers Unite To Censor Social Debate

In a disturbing display of media censorship, the major daily newspapers have all banded together to pull the publication of a full page advertisement at the 11th hour. The “controversial” ad is attached below.

A nationwide campaign asking the simple question “What is a woman?” was launched today.

But the NZ Herald did everything they could to block and delay the advertisement, and then at the 11th hour, Stuff (Dom Post and Christchurch Press) and the Otago Daily Times pulled the advertisements.

“We believe that this was as a result of communications between the publications up to the CEO level. It should concern all of us that newspaper editors are now banding together to censor advertisements that they disagree with. Where does this place their coverage of the political debate leading up to the General Election? What else are they censoring?” says Bob McCoskrie, CEO of Family First NZ.

“And the fact that they are working together is disturbing. Has the government funding of these media outlets spelt the end of independent civil discourse on controversial social issues? It appears so.”

The main objective of the “What is a woman?” campaign is to create a discussion around a truthful, biologically correct, common-sense definition of “woman” that has been carried down through generations and cultures. An accompanying petition to the campaign calls for‘woman’ to be defined as ‘an adult human female’ in all our laws, public policies and regulations. The campaign encourages Kiwis to start the conversation and to ask political candidates the simple question.

Love Women xx

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