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MEDIA RELEASE: “What is a woman?” Campaign Launched

19 July 2023

A nationwide campaign asking the question “What is a woman?” has been launched today, and will feature as part of the discussion leading up to the General Election in October.

The main objective of the “What is a woman?” campaign is to communicate a truthful, biologically correct, common-sense definition of “woman” that has been carried down through generations and cultures.

An accompanying petition to the campaign calls for ‘woman’ to be defined as ‘an adult human female’ in all our laws, public policies and regulations.

A ’woman’ always has been, always will be, our beloved mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts – an adult human female.

But the extreme gender ideology being pushed in the media, educational institutions, government ministries and the corporate world is trying to redefine what a woman is. How do we target specific women’s health issues or target the gender pay gap, or violence against women, or support the Women’s Refuge, or uphold our nation’s history of fighting for women’s rights if we can’t define the target audience in the first place. It demeans mothers. It demeans women. It denies nature and biology. It cancels women.

To say ‘pregnant people’ and to deny mothers giving birth is to perpetuate a dangerous lie and deny biological reality in order to appease a radical sexual and gender ideology.

We encourage Kiwis to start the conversation and to ask political candidates the simple question. If a politician can’t define something so basic, so fundamental in who we are as humans – why would you trust them with any other decision they may need to make as a politician?

It’s time to celebrate everything that is good and beautiful about women. In our policymaking, in our schools, in our communities, and in our workplaces and business brands.

Go to WhatIsAWoman.nz – read what kiwi women have to say on this issue, sign the petition, and then start the conversation.

Love Women xx

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