McBLOG: One rule for him, one for them

There have been some sports stories which the media have covered – but they’ve covered them in very different ways. It’s very clear that there’s one rule for some, and another rule for others – depending on who they agree with.


There have been some sports stories which the media have covered – but they’ve covered them in very different ways. It’s very clear that there’s one rule for some, and another rule for others.

One of the big stories of the week was about the Hurricane’s women’s team who did a haka that criticised the coalition government, labelling it ‘redneck’. They used an altered haka with the leader calling out a phrase that I won’t attempt to say because I won’t do it justice but it translates to “puppets of this redneck government”.

According to Wikipedia, Redneck is a derogatory term mainly, but not exclusively, applied to white Americans perceived to be crass and unsophisticated, closely associated with rural whites of the Southern United States. Its meaning possibly stems from the sunburn found on farmers’ necks dating back to the late 19th century.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, redneck is an offensive word for a white person who is considered to be poor and uneducated, especially one living in the countryside in the southern US, who has prejudiced (= unfair and unreasonable) beliefs

When you describe someone as redneck, says you’re saying they’re narrow, prejudiced, or reactionary.

Hurricanes Poua prop and haka leader Leilani Perese said she presented the new haka to the team’s management “strategically”. “I sent it to management at the last minute. They were like ‘go for it. We back you 100 per cent,'” She also said that she’s not fazed by any possible backlash. “I don’t care. I believe in what we’re saying, I stand by it. “I believe that in rugby, we have a platform where people watch and listen. And why not use our platform to show our people we will never fold? To tell the government that we are stronger than ever, and we will never go down without a war.”

So the Hurricanes team expressed their opinion. Bigoted? Hateful? Wrong? Inappropriate? Targeting a certain group? Hate speech? Well, you be the judge of that.

But let me take you back 6 years to another incident where a sportsperson expressed their opinion. Israel Folau.

Let me show you how the media responded to that incident, and how they responded to this incident. You’ll see there are very different rules in play. And you’ll also see a stack of hypocrisy.

This is from April 2018 when Israel Folau quoted THAT Scripture about hell – and all hell broke loose – literally.

But like the Hurricanes, isn’t Israel Folau entitled to express himself? Can he quote from Scripture which is his source of truth – even if it might offend someone?

Well, not according to the 1News Breakfast team at the time. Here’s their discussion on why a sportsperson shouldn’t share their views – and as you listen to their justification, replace Israel with the Hurricanes women. And replace the so-called victims LGBT with politicians

You’ll quickly see the double standard

When they talk about Israel, you’ll hear phrases like

“When you’re running down a whole group” – Parliament is a whole group

“If you live your life as a proud man” – well you can live your life as a politician with good intentions and be proud of what you have achieved

It is tough to stand up as a LGBT “whatever you are” person – yes, Matty said that – LGBT “whatever you are” – but it’s also very tough to stand up as a politician

And you’ll hear them conclude with

“I just hope that they can find a little bit of love and compassion and understanding for different people out there” Does that also apply to the Hurricanes women?

Have a watch


So sportspeople – keep your controversial views to yourself.

Pretty clear message – or else we’ll take away your career and demonise you FOREVER.

So how did 1News Breakfast deal with this Hurricanes issue?

Now it’s a different team of presenters – but the programme has been pushing a strong left wing bias for years now – which is why its viewership is not strong. And why I’ve never been invited back since I think the gay marriage debate. Maybe once since? I’ll have to check that.

Were they consistent and say as they did with Israel Folau, NO the Hurricanes should not run down a whole group. Politicians are proud of what they’re doing. It’s tough to stand up as a politician. I just hope that the Hurricanes can find a little bit of love and compassion and understanding for different people out there


Oh! You’ve done it – don’t back down from it.

Done via a haka – can express views. But not on social media. Haka ok. Social media no. Really ?

These women have beliefs and opinions – yep, so did Israel.

“We have a platform. Why not use our platform?” Yep – that’s what Israel did

Ironically, the Breakfast team said”They have social platforms where they can express their views.” OH!!!!!!!!! Good to know. I’ll let Israel know that.

“Would have taken time to translate, wananga around it….”

And finally, the strong statement

“You’ve done it – don’t back down from it.”

Note that they never mention the Israel Folau issue. They NEVER mention the connection between the Hurricanes team expressing their deeply held beliefs or views and Israel Folau expressing his deeply held beliefs or views.

In fact, I was fascinated by the Labour spokesperson for sport Grant Robertson who is gay who said this


And over on Newshub, Lloyd Burr who is also gay said

Fascinating! “Part of me says the politicians just need to suck it up and say this is free speech.” Is he saying that LGBT etc need to suck it up also when Israel quotes his favourite source of Truth?

So there you have it. It’s one rule for him, and another rule for them – depending on who we agree with.

That’s how leftist ideology works. And it’s why hate speech laws would always be based not on what is hate speech but simply speech they hate.

Oh – there’s one other sports story that I’ll be watching closely.

Sam Kerr, captain of Australia’s women’s football team, is to face trial in England accused of the racially aggravated harassment of a police officer. She plays for Chelsea in London and is accused of using insulting, threatening or abusive words that caused alarm or distress to a police officer during an incident in Twickenham on January 30.

Ironically, this is Sam bending the knee for the radical and anti-family BLM movement recently – and now she’s up on charges of racial abuse.

If Israel loses his career for so-called “homophobia”, will Sam lose her career for “racism”? Will the media go hard after Sam Kerr.

Yeah – you probably know the answer to that.

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