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ONE OF OUR MOST IMPORTANT EPISODES: Advocates of gender-affirming care say it’s evidence-based. But now, newly released internal files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) prove that the practice of transgender medicine is neither scientific nor medical. Thousands of doctors worldwide rely on WPATH including our own Ministry of Health Te Whatu Ora – and it’s pushed by a group of NZ activists called PATHA. WPATH is considered the leading global authority on gender medicine – but it’s now been exposed as the wild west of western medicine. The NZ government should immediately pause the transing of our young people.


Advocates of gender-affirming care say it’s evidence-based. But now, newly released internal files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) prove that the practice of transgender medicine is neither scientific nor medical. Thousands of doctors worldwide rely on WPATH including our own Ministry of Health Te Whatu Ora – and its pushed by the radical association of NZ doctors called PATHA. WPATH is considered the leading global authority on gender medicine – but it’s now been exposed as the wild west of western medicine. But that has now exploded in their face and the NZ government should immediately pause the transing of young people.

According to reports from DailyWire and LifeSite News

Internal files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which purports to be a medical association that develops “standards” for transgender treatment, have shot to pieces the public line that its recommendations are governed by evidence and science.

The “WPATH FILES” include emails and messages from an internal discussion forum by doctors, as well as statements from a video call of WPATH members which was leaked.

The research group Environmental Progress analyzed hundreds of pages of internal posts and videos after they were obtained by its founder, journalist Michael Shellenberger.

So basically WPATH is nothing more than an unethical activist group that existed to give cover to doctors who didn’t want to be sued by allowing them to say they were just following experts’ standards.

The consequences include not being able to have children. Dr. Daniel Metzger, a Canadian endocrinologist, acknowledged that the people he was explaining the procedures to often “haven’t even had biology in high school yet… “The 14-year-olds, you just… It’s like talking [about] diabetic complications with a 14-year-old. They don’t care. They’re not going to die. They’re going to live forever, right? So I think when we’re doing informed consent, that’s still a big lacuna.”

Have a watch of this clip

Dianne Berg, a child psychologist and co-author of the child chapter of the group’s so-called Standards of Care, acknowledged that youth often didn’t actually understand what they were consenting to.

“It’s out of their developmental range sometimes to understand the extent to which some of these medical interventions are impacting them.” “We try to talk about it, but most of the kids are nowhere in any kind of a brain space to really, really, really talk about it seriously.”
Have a watch of this clip

And then this co-author of the WPATH so-called standards says what really disturbs her. It will disturb you also

“But what really disturbs me is when the parents can’t tell me what they need to know about a medical intervention that apparently they signed off for.”

That really disturbs us also!!! This is a WPATH co-author.

A doctor from WPATH gave a callous response when discussing the case of an individual who regretted being unable to conceive children after having gone through transgender “treatment” during a video conference. But a 14 year old is thinking about these consequences of infertility and lack of sexual function. The dog in this conversation is referring to the male role in intercourse –  ‘Oh, the dog isn’t doing it for you, right?’ They’re like, ‘No, I just found this wonderful partner and now we want kids.

So – you know, it doesn’t surprise me. Oh.

But it’s not only the children that are unaware of the true consequences – mainly because they’re too young and  not mature enough to process it all.

A therapist describes talking to parents after they meet with a medical doctor.  “I would go in, and say, ‘Okay, so tell me what you learned.’ They would be like, ‘We have no idea what they were talking about.’

But it’s ok. WPATH has the solution. She says “I think the more we can normalize that it is okay to not get this right away, that it is okay to have questions…” but hey, they don’t need to be doing this ethically

That was a long and awkward pause. Ethics not required – apparently.

The President of WPATH Marci Bowers admitted that she had never seen a boy whose puberty was blocked achieve orgasm as a transgender woman — meaning people who risk their lives to become the opposite sex wind up having no sexual experience at all.

Now the name Marci Bowers will ring a bell. He’s the transgender identifying woman who was on the What is a Woman documentary with Matt Walsh saying that someone who might want to identify as a disabled person is a bit “cooky” but giving a female a false penis was all good,

Despite these admissions that clients are unable to give “informed consent,” WPATH members repeatedly engaged in victim blaming, asserting that people who regret the irreversible procedures should have known what they signed up for.

Marci Bowers says “Patients need to own and take active responsibility for medical decisions, especially those that have potentially permanent effects,”

And regarding detransitioners, this is very telling.

In reply to a post about a detransition study: Marci Bowers says “acknowledgment that de-transition exists even to a minor extent is considered off limits for many in our community,”

Yep we thought that.

Another doctor stated. “Trauma is common among trans [sic] clients. Nonetheless, I was surprised to find that several of my clients met criteria for dissociative disorders, primarily OSDD [other specified dissociative disorder],”

It’s important to note that no WPATH leader or member has denied that the Files are anything other than what they appear to be.

It will go down as one of the worst medical scandals in history.

You can read all of this and more – and examine the documents for yourself, (and I’d encourage you to do so) go to

Now – where does New Zealand fit into all of this. Well, New Zealand extremists have their paw print all over the standards.

But before we do that, let me remind you that at the beginning of last year, WPATH released its much-anticipated new guidelines – Standards of Care 8th Edition. One aspect noticeably different from previous editions is that the explicitly stated minimal age recommendations for minors to obtain puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries have been removed. The new guidance also suggests that if parents do not affirm their child’s newly chosen identity, the state may be enabled to intervene in order to assist with the child’s transition.

Here’s the key bit. WPATH has significant influence in NZ.

Transgender research based on “Counting Ourselves survey” and policy comes out of the University of Waikato’s Trans Health Research Lab. Unfortunately, the unit is driven by activists and an agenda, rather than science and independent research. In fact, it’s now in conflict with the science.

We’ve written in detail on the weakness and flaws of the Counting Ourselves survey that the unit does

But Guidelines for Gender Affirming Healthcare in Aotearoa New Zealand comes out of a group called PATHA which is the NZ equivalent or affiliate to WPATH – and I’ll show that connection in a minute.

And in their Guidelines document they specifically say

WPATH is the international body responsible for producing standards of care…  This guideline is not intended to replace the WPATH SOC but to present additional guidance for the provision of gender affirming healthcare in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

WPATH SOC v7 guidelines provide internationally recognised standards and criteria for accessing gender affirming hormone treatment

Puberty blockers, cross sex hormones. WPATH is basically the go-to for guidelines around treatment of gender confused children in NZ.

Now you’ll be asking – but does the Ministry of Health recognise all this. sadly yes.

Here’s their response to an OIA in 2020 with reference to reliance on WPATH guidelines

Readiness assessments are as per the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care version .7

And here’s their website as it stands today with an update from January 2024

For referral acceptance to be considered patients need to: meet the eligibility criteria set out in the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People, published by The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) version seven. 

So WPATH is the international body. PATHA is NZ’s version which is basically a lapdog for WPATH – and are influencing the blind and flawed gender affirmation model being rammed down in NZ.

Who is PATHA?

It was formed in 2018 and is a group of transactivists – some of whom have found their way into the medical professional setting.

Here’s just some of the executive committee

Dr Jaimie Veale (she/her) – a transgender woman. He is an Associate Editor of International Journal of Transgenderism, a member of the Global Board of Directors of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), and he is one of the authors of the latest revision of the WPATH Standards of Care.

So a NZ activist is on the global board of directors for WPATH.

Dr Rachel Johnson (she/her) Originating from the UK, she is a general paediatrician and Adolescent Health physician now working at CMDHB Centre For Youth Health. She has been involved in trans health care for over 10 years and in that time have been a member of WPATH

And she was actually featured on an atrociously bias piece of trans advocacy by the Sunday programme a couple of years ago – pushing the normality of puberty blockers – just based on what the child wants

There’s also Jennifer Shields – a trans advocate and non-binary trans woman

Dion Reid who’s a trans man and registered nurse

And Phoebe Horton Andrews – a transgender activist from RainbowYouth – who’s studying towards… an accounting degree.

Yep – these are – according to their website – a group of professionals who have experience working for transgender health.

And they have a “Policy and Advocacy Committee”. Activists.

Dr Zoe Kristensen (she/her) is Pākehā and most closely identifies as Juxerra. She works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and holds an additional role an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Auckland. She has a special interest in transgender mental health, a number of publications in this field, and is a WPATH Standards of Care Version 8 Certified Clinician.

And there’s also Jack Byrne (he/him), a trans man who oversees the flawed Counting Ourselves research

Joe Horton (he/him) works as the Transgender Health Key Worker at Auckland Sexual Health Service

Taine Polkinghorne (he/him) who is the New Zealand Human Rights Commission’s advisor on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics

And Moira Clunie (they/them)

Yep – all radical activists for transing your children.

It’s time that NZ dropped the whole trans affirmative model for our young people.

And of course, the suicide claim – the trope that “better an alive son than a dead daughter”  has also been rebutted by recent research out of Finland. Even trans activists are pushing back on that trope now.

So let’s very quickly review what we’ve learnt

WPATH is conducting an unregulated experiment on some of the most vulnerable people in society.
WPATH members are violating the ethical and legal requirement of obtaining informed consent.
Members appear to have little concern for the longterm outcome of patients.

Members are aware that cross-sex hormones have debilitating and potentially fatal side effects.
WPATH members know that puberty blockers are experimental and have adverse consequences.
Young patients do not understand the physical effects of sex-trait modification interventions and, therefore, cannot give cognitive consent.

WPATH members are aware that adolescents are not developmentally able to consent to iatrogenic fertility loss.
WPATH has no respect for the Hippocratic Oath.
WPATH members dismiss stories of detransitioner regret.
WPATH doctors are knowingly experimenting on patients with hormones and surgeries.

Patients with severe mental health issues are being allowed to consent to invasive, life-altering medical interventions without any attempt to first address their mental distress.
WPATH members know there is significant regret in young patients.

This new evidence from the WPATH files is a damning indictment on NZ’s approach to transing our young people. We’ll be writing to the Minister of Health and the Ministry of Health and we’d encourage you to do likewise.

Around the globe, patients and doctors have been assured they are following ‘best practice’ through the ‘Standards of Care’ published by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). The documents released expose an organisation lacking consideration for long-term patient outcomes despite being aware of the debilitating and life-changing effects of cross-sex hormones and other ‘treatments’.

It’s time to protect the next generation.

In an upcoming episode, I’ll be speaking to one of the researchers of the WPATH files.


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