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Are the left starting to turn on themselves? Have liberals had enough of their own wokeness? More and more of them are leaving US states that push a liberal woke worldview because they’re seeing the consequences. The woke are awokening!


Are the left starting to turn on themselves? Have they had enough of their own wokeness? Are the left revolting.

At the Forum last year I highlighted some examples of liberal people who were concerned at just where the culture was heading as it rejected Judao-Christian values and replaced it with critical theory, environmentalism, sexuality and gender theory – an anything goes culture. With doses of narcissism and hedonism. In other words it’s all about the self, a need for admiration, satisfaction of personal desires is the highest good, there is no absolute right and wrong, and a focus on sexual pleasure. Sound familiar.

California mum Erin Friday, a lawyer, a self-confessed “liberal-lefty” and long-time Democrat voter is now a leader of the parent advocacy group “Our Duty” – an international support network for parents who wish to protect their children from gender ideology. And Erin’s involvement has come from personal involvement in this issue. It was her own daughter who she needed to rescue.

Yep – the liberal left that she championed came for her own family in the form of gender ideology and sexuality – and suddenly she wasn’t as keen on that viewpoint.

You can watch the full interview on our website under Family Matters or on Youtube – just search erin Friday family matters.

Then there was Dr Kevin Bass who tweeted this last year – and was viewed by more than 2m people

I’m a liberal atheist, voted for Biden, but the woke left has me so disturbed about the future of children in this country that I think I am going to start taking my children to church to help inoculate them against this. what should I look for in choosing a church.

Well, I can help there. Go to a church that teaches the full message of Scripture without compromise or excuse or apology. Churches should be offering a message that the culture is failing to give. Pro marriage pro life, anti-abortion, respect for biology, strengthening the weak, preaching the whole Gospel – not just the nice bits.

The reason I raise all this is for 2 reasons.

The New York Times – a highly liberal one-eyed newspaper on most issues – recently posted a long article entitled “What Have We Liberals Done to the West Coast?”

Let me read some excerpts

As Democrats make their case to voters around the country this fall, one challenge is that some of the bluest parts of the country — cities on the West Coast — are a mess. Centrist voters can reasonably ask: Why put liberals in charge nationally when the places where they have greatest control are plagued by homelessness, crime and dysfunction?.. We are more likely to believe that “housing is a human right” than conservatives in Florida or Texas, but less likely to actually get people housed. We accept a yawning gulf between our values and our outcomes.

He argues that some blue states – democrat led states – are doing well on the east coast but not the west. The author actually ran for mayor in Oregon on the left but didn’t qualify. But he trumpets the social policies of Oregon (which by the way has decriminalised ALL drugs – yes, including meth & cocaine & LSD etc)

For example, as a gesture to support trans kids, Oregon took money from the tight education budget to put tampons in boys’ restrooms in elementary schools — including boys’ restrooms in kindergartens.

Consider a volunteer group called the Portland Freedom Fund that was set up to pay bail for people of color. The organization raised money from well-intentioned liberal donors, and the underlying problems were real: Bail requirements hit poor people hard.

In 2022, the Portland Freedom Fund helped a Black man named Mohamed Adan who had been arrested after allegedly strangling his former girlfriend, holding a gun to her head and then — in violation of a restraining order — cutting off his G.P.S. monitor and entering her building. “He told me that he would kill me,” the former girlfriend, Rachael Abraham, warned.

The Freedom Fund paid Adan’s bail, and he walked out of jail. A week later, Adan allegedly removed his G.P.S. monitor again and entered Abraham’s home. The police found Abraham’s body drenched in blood with a large knife nearby; three children were also in the house.

….Perhaps on the West Coast we have ideological purity because there isn’t much political competition. Republicans are irrelevant in much of the Far West, so they can’t hold Democrats’ feet to the fire — leading Democrats in turn to wander unchecked farther to the left.

And it’s not the first time that the left leaning New York Times has opined about this issue.

Last year there was this article

Between 2010 and 2020, the fastest-growing states were mostly red — places like Texas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina. During the pandemic, that trend accelerated, and once again, most of the big population-gaining states are governed by Republicans.

Other commentators have said

“They’re chasing lower taxes, they’re chasing better business policies, and they’re chasing a better way of living. They’re also looking for other people who believe what they believe and to kind of get away from all the craziness that’s been happening in schools in those local areas where they used to live.”

And during COVID they wanted to get away from government overreach – something NZers couldn’t get away from.

The top states where people were leaving were Illinois, new York, caifornia, new jersey and Maryland – ALL blue democrat states.

Where’s everyone heading – Idaho, Arizona, south Carolina, Tennessee and north Carolina – ALL but one (north Carolina) are red republican. Altho Arizona is an interesting one. Favourite cities were Houston and Dallas in Texas – red!! And phoenix Arizona – which will be an interesting one to watch.

Even Bill Maher – a self confessed liberal – says the left has left the left. How the left was lost.

Now when he says Democrat, think Labour Greens Te Pati Maori

Mayer refers to himself as an “old-school liberal,” But he says “It’s not me who’s changed, it’s the left, who is now made up of a small contingent who’ve gone mental. And a large contingent who refuse to call them out for it. People sometimes say to me, ‘You know, you didn’t used to make fun of the left as much.’ Yeah, because they didn’t give me so much to work with,” he said. Now he goes after the left for “woke” ideology and “cancel culture.”

Which leads me to what I really wanted to show you in this episode

Fitness influencer Jillian Michaels said last week that she decided to leave the state of California because of how insane it has become with many of its extremist Left-wing policies. Michaels on a podcast said that she holds all the cards in “woke victimology poker” and even she thinks Democrats in the state have “gone way too far.” She’s a woman, a gay woman, her mom’s a Jew, her dad’s an Arab, she has a black kid. So when she leaves California – where she has lived all her life, that really says something.

She’s had enough of liberal laws on drugs, prostitution, lgbtq rights, puberty blockers

Have a watch

It’s interesting to watch.

What she and most of the left that are starting to squeal about now is that progressive liberal policies have been and will always be a disaster. Marxism, leftism, communism – they all fail.

That’s why so many Labour voters said it used to be the party for workers – now it’s obsessed with identity politics. So many people say to me “I never left the Labour party. They left me.”

The disturbing thing is that National party supporters are starting to say the same thing. “I never left the National party. They left me.”

And that’s what Elon Musk the owner of X formerly Twitter said in 2022

He posted this:

He puts himself just left of centre – the stick man in the middle up the top. The second line shows the left going further to the liberal left and then finally the far left, and as a result he’s become a person on the right. with the conservative going LOL. He says the left has lost the middle ground because of their extremity.

Which is kinda funny when the NZ media always says far right – but the right hasn’t changed. Conservatives haven’t changed their values – because they’re based on rock solid Scriptural truth and biology and fact. The left has become the radical left. The far left!

That’s what DEI diversity equity and inclusion is all about.

As Martin Luther King said, We used to be and should be judged on the content of our character.

But now we’re judged on our race, the colour of our skin, our gender, our sexuality, and our intersectionality. Can we somehow claim victimhood? And if you’re a bible-believing Christian, you are the problem.

When you reject biblical biological fundamental Truth, its never gonna go well is it.

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