Experts have concerns about ‘Gender Self-ID’ in New Zealand

Here is a brilliant article written by Jan Rivers and Jill Abigail, titled ‘Gender self-ID raises complex questions. It’s not transphobic to ask them’

The article expertly raises concerns about the replacement of ‘sex’ with the concept of ‘gender identity’, and increasingly encouraging children to believe they were “born in the wrong body”. 

Our Government seems intent on rapidly and aggressively pushing gender ideology throughout government, law and society. In fact, as stated in the article, “There has been next to no public notification, consultation or media coverage of this. Yet self-identified gender has been the default stance for many government departments since 2018.”

Equal pay is now determined by gender identity, not sex; statistical data is likewise collected by gender identity instead of sex. Prison accommodation too is determined by self-identification, meaning that people with fully intact male bodies can be placed with the country’s most vulnerable women.

This is surely madness, especially when if affects our young.

Rivers and Abigail confront this head-on saying that:

“It is not love and acceptance to encourage children to believe they were “born in the wrong body”. Children can have no concept of the downstream impacts on their later lives of infertility and the inability to respond sexually. They cannot anticipate what these losses entail, let alone the other effects of ongoing medicalisation.”

Please read the full article here.

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