I’m Sorry, Birth Certificates are now meaningless under new law

Letter from Bob McCoskrie

Parliament today passed a law that renders birth certificates as meaningless, and which continues the relentless push to nullify biological sex, and the scientific accuracy of male and female.

But what stunned me more than the flawed ideology behind this bill, is that the political parties on the right (National and ACT) unanimously supported the bill also.

Yep – we don’t have a left-wing Government.

We have a left-wing Parliament which denies biological reality.

I’m sorry for the thousands of you who made submissions (the overwhelming majority opposed the bill) but were ignored.

I’m sorry for so many of you who showed up and made an oral submission to – at times – a fairly hostile select committee.

I’m sorry for a generation of young people who are having to grow up in such a confused society which so easily denies objective truth.

I’m sorry for the many voters who want and need a voice for common sense and conservative values in Parliament on issues like this, and which will show backbone and push back on this woke liberal agenda which is bringing our society to its knees.

I’m sorry that there will be unintended consequences in terms of safety and recognition for women and children.

I’m sorry that this will cause more confusion, struggle and brokenness for people who deserve to hear the truth, and to whom society should be helping to embrace the freedom of their natural biological identity.

It’s just a birth certificate. Does it matter?

These issues matter because they concern our understanding of fundamental human nature, who each of us are as male and female, and the kind of adult direction and support our children require, deserve and receive from us.

Binary is the only gender story there is amongst humanity when it comes to gender and sex-distinction. There simply are not many genders which can be chosen at will as many times as you feel appropriate.

But of course, there are many different ways to be a healthy male or female without holding to narrow gender stereotypes.

Human sexuality is a dichotomy, not a continuum.

Please continue to speak up for biological truth. Our children deserve it. Our society desperately needs it.

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