Canada – Intoxication now a valid defence in murders, sex assaults

Canada continues its shift to woke liberalism and leftism, with their Supreme Court now ruling that extreme intoxication is a valid defence in murders, sex assaults etc. That’s right, a murderer or rapist will be now able to plead innocence based on them being stoned or drunk. This is a radical decision that will disturb many, but especially women and parents. We simply can’t envisage how this dangerous shift in law makes for a safer society, anything but.

The new ruling overturns Canada’s current law, passed in 1995, which prohibited defendants from using intoxication as a defence in violent crime cases. Not surprisingly, women’s advocacy groups are alarmed, saying the current law is needed to protect women and children, as violence disproportionately affects them.

“Four of every five victims of intimate partner violence were women and women were five times more likely to experience sexual assault in 2019, based on Canadian government data.”

While this new ruling is deeply concerning, it should not surprise us. Canada’s Supreme Court has been moving further left, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nominating “progressive” judges such as Justice Nicholas Kasirer. Justice Kaiser is on record as saying the previous law (prohibiting defendants from using intoxication as a defence) should be “declared unconstitutional and of no force or effect.” How does this warped liberal thinking ever consider the wellbeing of victims or the delivery of justice? As with much of woke liberalism, the agenda seems intend on breaking down many of society’s existing pillars.

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Note – Currently in New Zealand criminal law, Intoxication is not a defence in itself but may negate ‘mens era’

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