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Rapidly increasing trend of biological men competing against women

Something is not quite right with women’s sport. But in 2022, the real question is probably: what is a woman? What is a trans woman?

There’s a rapidly increasing trend of biological men competing against women. Clearly the biological men have a significant biological advantage. It’s definitely not a fair contest. Most people know it’s not right, but few are willing to speak up against it for fear of backlash from trans activists and the media. Swimmer Lia Thomas is currently the most talked about trans athlete. Lia is a biological man, and for many years competed in men’s sport but with no real success. But after transitioning to a woman, Lia is now completely dominant competing in women’s events. Hardly surprising. Her winning margins are so great that she’s often left waiting for her competitors to catch up and finish.

An article in The Washington Stand reports that an increasing number of girls’ and women’s sporting events are now being dominated by biological males. In fact at least 30 separate girls’ and women’s sports titles have been won by biological males since 2003, with the trend accelerating exponentially in the past three years.

This trend goes against popular opinion, with the significant majority of Americans opposed to biological males competing against biological females 

This accelerating trend is not just happening in the USA, as all over the world more and more biological men (trans women) are competing in women’s sports. Two men were pictured kissing each other on the winner’s podium for a women’s cycling event in London on June 2. In Australia, biological men are competing in a range of women’s sports.

Yes there are trans men athletes (biological women), but the most successful trans athletes are all trans women (biological men). Why is that?

When will we see a return to some sort of biological normality?

Here are a few telling images of trans women (biological men) competing in women’s sport …



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