Support for 3 Strikes Law

Community leader and former gang boss, expresses support of harsher sentences

As you will know, earlier this month the Government repealed the 3 Strikes Law. Under the 3 Strikes Law, any adult convicted of a third serious violent offence would be handed down the maximum sentence available, unless that sentence would be “manifestly unjust”. Offences which were subject to ‘strike’ warnings included murder, manslaughter, rape, sexual violation and kidnapping. Youth offenders were excluded. 

Most New Zealanders wanted these tough sentencing laws for repeat violent and sexual offenders. 

But this current Government was obsessed and committed to getting rid of the 3 Strikes Law, because it didn’t fit their ideology. This is despite skyrocketing crime and gang violence taking place in New Zealand. 

Now a Maori community leader and former gang boss, has come out expressing support of harsher sentences for repeat violent offenders. Martin Kaipo is Chief Executive of Te Hau Āwhiowhio ō Otangarei Trust. The trust provides health and social services for mostly deprived Maori living in Whangarei. Martin is also a former high-ranking Black Power leader.

Talking to the Northern Advocate, Kaipo said “there was a place for harsher sentences such as those imposed under the Three Strikes law.”

“If you look at the repetitive offenders, they need to be held accountable … you’ve got to look at the type of offending.”

While the Government and Green Party continue to push ahead with dismantling laws that impose tougher policing and harsher sentencing, those working on the front-line, such as Martin Kaipo, understand that repetitive violent offenders need to be held accountable.

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**This post was written by Family First staff writers.


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