Value Your Vote – Election 2023

As you prepare to vote in the upcoming 2023 New Zealand General Election, our Value Your Vote resource will help you vote for candidates and parties that share your values.

Visit our Value Your Vote website to see the voting record of all MPs on values-based issues.

Welcome to Value Your Vote 2023. This is the sixth election for which we have provided this popular, family-focused voting resource .

This brochure (and the accompanying guide on our website allows you to see how each current or past MP seeking re-election has voted on important social issues. Many of them are conscience votes, allowing an MP to vote according to his or her conscience rather than along party lines. However, in many cases, there seems to be a ‘party conscience’.

Each party leader has also been sent a questionnaire asking for his or her opinion on a number of important social issues. In some cases, they have sadly refused to answer the survey and we have recorded their responses based on voting record or public statements.

Voting according to our values is the greatest freedom and privilege we have. We should value it — and use it. We must elect leaders willing to protect life and truth.

We are pleased to offer this guide as a helpful resource to aid you in making an informed decision when you vote this October.


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