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"We were effectively 'cancelled' by the mainstream media - probably since the 2013 marriage debate!" - Bob McCoskrie

With the mainstream media and social media platforms becoming increasingly hostile towards conservative organisations and viewpoints, our goal is to sidestep them and speak directly to our thousands of supporters. Our goal is to produce credible and well-researched summaries of the issues affecting families, which will educate and empower them to also speak up. And judging by the response, our supporters are loving it!

Family First TV

"We were effectively 'cancelled' by the mainstream media - probably since the 2013 marriage debate!" - Bob McCoskrie

With the mainstream media and social media platforms becoming increasingly hostile towards conservative organisations and viewpoints, our goal is to sidestep them and speak directly to our thousands of supporters. Our goal is to produce credible and well-researched summaries of the issues affecting families, which will educate and empower them to also speak up. And judging by the response, our supporters are loving it!


McBLOG: W.H.O. loves abortion

If you thought that the World Health Organisation (WHO) was a reliable credible health organisation who understood biology and science, then think again. Their recent ...
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FAMILY MATTERS: Sex education gets more extreme

If you as a parent / guardian are already alarmed at the radical gender ideologies & sex education material being recommended by the Ministry of ...
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McBLOG_ Beyond binary

McBLOG: Beyond binary (and biology)

Spark and Stats NZ are quickly proving that government and businesses are more interested in woke ideology rather than factual biological-based data collection. But experts ...
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McBLOG: Pro-abortion to pro-life

There’s an interesting trend of political and media celebrities who are very pro-abortion – the woman’s right to choose (but not the unborn child’s right, ...
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McBLOG: Leaving a legacy

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne’s sudden death in Thailand has rocked both his family but also the sporting world and prompted an outpouring of emotion ...
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McBLOG: Define “Women’s” Day

Earlier this week it was International Women’s Day! But what happens if politicians can’t actually define what they mean by “women”. It all gets a ...
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McBLOG: Euthanasia for anorexia?!

A leading eating disorder specialist in the US has proposed that patients with anorexia nervosa should be allowed access to assisted suicide. This is the ...
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McBLOG: Biden v Trump on abortion

President Joe Biden used the State of the Union speech last week to promote abortion under the guise of “healthcare” and “women’s rights” – ignoring ...
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McBLOG: Activists try to redefine “paedophilia”

There is a severely misguided and disturbing effort to normalise sexual attraction to children. The movement is even going so far as to claim that ...
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McBLOG: NZ Doctors Mag Promotes Polyamory

The latest edition of the magazine for the Royal NZ College of GPs features a disturbing article which promotes the use of non-gendered terms such ...
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McBLOG: ‘Meat’ Critical Theory

In a hilarious (meant to be serious) speech at a recent Oxford Union debate, vegan feminist, author & animal rights advocate Carol Adams used Critical ...
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McBLOG: COVID – I’ve had it!

What’s it like having COVID? Bob reckons it’s way way worse than man-flu. Hear his experience. (Note – do not take anything Bob says as ...
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McBLOG: When are protests “ok”?

We take a look at a few protests that have happened recently, and ask the question – why is the anti-mandate protest being labelled with ...
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McBLOG: This Government is obsessed with abortion

At a time when there are so many health-based funding and resourcing needs throughout New Zealand for beds, ICUs, doctors, nurses, local GPs and mental ...
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mcblog-finland copy

McBLOG: Free Speech on Trial in Finland

Päivi Räsänen is a medical doctor, mother of five, and grandmother of seven. She is married to a pastor. She is a Member of the ...
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McBLOG: ‘No jab no job’ policy losing support – Poll

A new nationwide poll has found increasing opposition for the “no jab no job” mandates, increasing support for rapid antigen testing for unvaccinated kiwis so ...
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McBLOG: A new survey shows who’s actually protesting at Parliament

Curia Market Research (on behalf of The Platform) has just released a survey of the people protesting at Parliament Grounds. Contrary to the narrative of ...
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FAMILY MATTERS: Keep going, even if…

The new law banning ‘conversion therapy’ which was passed in Parliament this week will criminalise certain expressions of parental love, prayer, personal choice and preaching, ...
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“Pacifically Correct” – Nick was lost but now is found

The newly coined phrase ‘Pacifically Correct’ describes Pasifika’s traditional healing secret for people/situations that are too Politically Correct.
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McBLOG: Promised benefits of legalising cannabis are hot air

How harmful is cannabis? Does legalisation actually work? The LA Times newspaper endorsed the referendum ‘Prop 64’ in 2016 which resulted in cannabis being legalised ...
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McBLOG: “Woman” – an endangered species?

Adele won the “Artist of the Year” at the Brits Awards in the UK last week. But she caused a furore with her speech when ...
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McBLOG: Who defines “misinformation”?

The media and politicians seem to be quick to label things as “misinformation” and “disinformation”? But who defines what is “misinformation”? Watch some very interesting ...
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McBLOG: Whoopi’s ‘whoops’ on Critical Race Theory

Whoopi Goldberg is a big supporter of Critical Race Theory – but Whoopi did a whoops recently – and it showed just how flawed Critical ...
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McBLOG: 87,000-strong “Don’t Divide Us” petition tabled in Parliament

The petition which was launched at the beginning of November last year says: “We oppose the ‘no jab no job’ policy, which will create a ...
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mcblog-abortion (1)

McBLOG: ‘Celebrating” an abortion? Not for one person

“This Is Us” actress Milana Vayntrub decided to share the details of her abortion story because she’s haunted by the prospect of the U.S. Supreme ...
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pc-family (1)

Pacifically Correct – Who loves our children the most – Government or Parents?

Parents are accepting government handouts – at the risk of losing authority over their children. But we all know, there’s no such thing as a ...
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WATCH: Top Family Issues 2022 

Parliament is back in session this week for the first time in 2022. Now you might rightly think that the priorities for the Government are ...
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McBLOG: ‘Woke’ Media

Are you concerned the media industry has gone extremely woke? There’s definitely concerns, but it’s not us saying this. It’s people from the media! Are ...
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McBLOG: Euthanasia’s slippery slope – already

Euthanasia has only been legal in New Zealand for less than three months, but already we are seeing some disturbing trends, including the speed with ...
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McBLOG: Naughty, naughty words

Are you guilty of using “non-inclusive” language? Naughty you!! Get woke with woke words. The University of Washington in Seattle has released a list of ...
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FAMILY MATTERS: Euthanasia & The Risk For Vulnerable Populations

Euthanasia is now legal in New Zealand. In this episode of “Family Matters”, Bob McCoskrie spoke to Professor David Kissane, an Australian cancer psychiatrist whose ...
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McBLOG_ _Haneen Zrieka copy

McBLOG: “Haneen Zrieka – and the hypocrisy of the media”

You probably aren’t that familiar with the name Haneen Zrieka. Haneen Zrieka is Aussie Rules’s first female Muslim player. She announced that she would not ...
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McBLOG: “Jessica then Tova” – the real background story

“Jessica then Tova” is now almost as much kiwi slang as the phrase “yeah right”. There’s even merchandise available based around it. But did you ...
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McBLOG: The media think 1,200 is bigger than 87,000

Last week, three petitions were presented. One with 1200 signatures, one with 23,000, and one with a whopping 87,000! One of them didn’t get a ...
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McBLOG: Pew Research asked – what makes life meaningful?

What do people value in life? How much of what gives people satisfaction in their lives is fundamental and shared across cultures, and how much ...
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McBLOG: When we confuse biology, we destroy sports

Sporting competitions from time immemorial have segregated men and women. To do otherwise would give men an unfair advantage due to physical difference. But in ...
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McBLOG: California (Big Tech & Hollywood) love abortion

Despite all the more pressing social needs such as crime, homelessness, drug abuse and inequality, California wants to create a “sanctuary” for abortion. Not only ...
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McBLOG: ‘Critical theory’ caught out in a big way

“Critical race theory” is a radical and dangerous new way of thinking about human identity and value. Depending on your race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, gender ...
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McBLOG: Abortion rights are pro-choice men’s rights

Bob shares an enlightening video about abortion rights that he received over the weekend. He also exposes the confusion and contradictions in the weekend column ...
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McBLOG: Biology gets voted out of Parliament

Parliament this week passed a law that renders birth certificates as meaningless, and which continues the relentless push to nullify biological sex, and the scientific ...
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“Pacifically Correct” – Poverty and Pasifika families

Nick discusses the issue of poverty and its effect on Pasifika families. How can families rise to the challenge of struggling to meet financial commitments.
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FAMILY MATTERS: Why the prostitution law is failing New Zealand

If you listened to the government or the media, you would possibly think that the decriminalisation of prostitution in 2003 was fantastic for women, and ...
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AI Show Ep35: Is this the end of Roe v Wade?

The US Supreme Court is currently reviewing the landmark decision on Abortion Rights – Roe v Wade. Pro-choice advocates claim it is the politicizing of ...
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McBLOG: ‘Conversion therapy’ bans in Canada & UK

As well as NZ, both Canada and the UK have been considering ‘conversion therapy’ bans. While the UK is canvassing the opinions of the full ...
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McBLOG: Another government strategy doomed to fail

A new well-intentioned Government strategy aims to eliminate family and sexual violence. Unfortunately, it fails to deal with a number of ‘elephants in the room’, ...
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