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McBLOG: ‘Critical theory’ caught out in a big way

“Critical race theory” is a radical and dangerous new way of thinking about human identity and value. Depending on your race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, gender ...
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McBLOG: Abortion rights are pro-choice men’s rights

Bob shares an enlightening video about abortion rights that he received over the weekend. He also exposes the confusion and contradictions in the weekend column ...
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McBLOG: Biology gets voted out of Parliament

Parliament this week passed a law that renders birth certificates as meaningless, and which continues the relentless push to nullify biological sex, and the scientific ...
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McBLOG: ‘Conversion therapy’ bans in Canada & UK

As well as NZ, both Canada and the UK have been considering ‘conversion therapy’ bans. While the UK is canvassing the opinions of the full ...
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McBLOG: Another government strategy doomed to fail

A new well-intentioned Government strategy aims to eliminate family and sexual violence. Unfortunately, it fails to deal with a number of ‘elephants in the room’, ...
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McBLOG: Lies, damned lies and statistics

When the Government is developing policies around important social issues, the statistics that are being used to justify the policy should add to the credibility ...
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McBLOG: NZ’s radical abortion law is already showing its effect

In 2020, the majority of politicians (who ironically are already born) voted in one of the world's most extreme abortion laws - but they did ...
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McBLOG: A quality & fact check on that vax video

A hip-hop music video – Vax the Nation – is supposed to be a positive contribution to the vaccination campaign. But what we found was ...
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McBLOG: Why are we getting conflicting health messages?

The Ministry of Health quietly released an important and welcome document regarding the rights of unvaccinated people to be able to access healthcare. It also ...
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McBLOG: The media’s war on Christianity

Most of the mainstream media were in full attack mode on the new leader of the National Party – because of his Christian faith and ...
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McBLOG: NZ’s COVID church rules compared to overseas

On Friday, NZ moves into the traffic light system. There will be significant restrictions placed on church attendance. How do they compare to how other ...
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McBLOG: The next National Party leader

Which candidate for the National Party leadership holds values which will bring the party back to its conservative roots. And what should be the priorities ...
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McBLOG: Riding Roughshod Over Democracy

Political commentators labelled the actions of the Government this week as a “constitutional disgrace”. Some say they’re “running roughshod over democracy” What were they referring ...
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McBLOG: What do kiwis really think about 3 Strikes Law?

The Government wants to scrap the ‘Three Strikes’ law, saying that “the public don’t like this law”. A poll has found that just 25% of ...
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McBLOG: (Some) media are raising the red flag

Some in the media are even raising the red flag about the Government controlling the narrative – via the media! We should all be concerned ...
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McBLOG: Are you getting the full story from the media?

From McBlog ( Selective Silence from the Media – The NZ media are showing a selective silence on some key issues. Even ex-journalists are expressing ...
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McBLOG: Who’s being sacked because of “no jab no job”?

We asked kiwis what kind of jobs they were losing under the “no jab no job” policy. You may be shocked by just how far ...
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McBlog: The media watchdog doesn’t want your media bias complaints anymore

The broadcasting watchdog (BSA) has said that they no longer will consider complaints of bias against a broadcaster. All the broadcaster has to argue is that the ...
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McBlog: The BSA reveals their double standards

If the Broadcasting Standards Authority didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. Check out the hypocrisy and flawed thinking of their latest ...
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