Latest News & Media Releases

In a world of ‘fake news’ and not being sure which media outlets you can truly trust, Family First does a daily check on key issues in the media affecting families and summarises them for you – including any necessary fact-check corrections! Our Media Releases have the common theme of promoting strong families, safe communities and the protection of life from conception to death. 

Latest News & Media Releases

In a world of ‘fake news’ and not being sure which media outlets you can truly trust, Family First does a daily check on key issues in the media affecting families and summarises them for you – including any necessary fact-check corrections! Our Media Releases have the common theme of promoting strong families, safe communities and the protection of life from conception to death. 


Bob McCoskrie’s most important interview?

Please listen to this important interview with Heather Duplessis Allen, as Bob McCoskrie discusses the full implications of today’s Supreme Court’s ruling to remove Family ...
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charities cancelled

Should these political advocacy charities be worried?

Current registered charities who also do political advocacy: Helen Clark Foundation (campaigned to legalise cannabis) NZ Drug Foundation (campaigned to legalise cannabis) Child Poverty Action Group ...
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Family First Deregistered – But Not Defeated

“This decision is a sad day for the freedom of speech and belief in New Zealand, and sets a disturbing precedent. The attempt – some ...
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US Supreme Court protects coach’s right to on-field prayers

Another superb decision out of the US Supreme Court, ruling that a school district violated high school football coach Joe Kennedy’s First Amendment rights by ...
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Separation of Church and State – a teenager’s perspective

By Olivia Boyd - The phrase “the separation of Church and State” was first used overseas but is commonly used here in New Zealand. There ...
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Family First vs Government

Family First v The Government (Charities Registration Board)

Here is a summary of events relating to the de-registration of Family First NZ by the Charities Board.
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scotus religious schools ruling

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down law discriminating against religious schools

U.S. Supreme Court justices ruled that excluding faith-based schools from a state’s private school voucher program “violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.” ...
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stricter age verification

POLL – Strong Support For Porn Site Age-Verification

MEDIA RELEASE - A new poll has found significant support for stricter age verification rules on pornography sites on the Internet to ensure children cannot ...
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church and state

‘Separation of Church and State’ explained

Unwanted government intervention How important is religious liberty in New Zealand? As we’ve been sharing, The Ministry of Education is threatening to ‘intervene’ into the ...
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bethlehem statement

“We believe we are adhering to all relevant legislation” – Bethlehem College

Another superb response (and pushback) from Bethlehem College 🙏🏻😀 … Read below …
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tyranny of offended-2

BRUCE LOGAN: The Tyranny of the Offended

The Ministry of Education wants Tauranga’s Bethlehem Christian College to erase from its statement of belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. ...
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Significant Concern Over Cost Of Living – Poll

MEDIA RELEASE 18 June 2022 A new nationwide poll has found significant concern about the cost of living and its effect not only on personal ...
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bethlehem vs government

Is the Government mandating ‘state approved’ beliefs at Bethlehem College?

Fuelled by a media feeding-frenzy, The Ministry of Education is threatening to ‘intervene’ into the beliefs of a much-respected Christian school, demanding Bethlehem College  remove ...
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poll gender curriculum in schools

School Gender Curriculum Strongly Rejected – Poll

MEDIA RELEASE – 17 June 2022 A new nationwide poll has found significant opposition to gender ideology being taught to primary school students, and majority ...
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lgbtq football shirts

Should ‘religious’ sportspeople be forced to support LGBTQI+ agenda?

Should someone be entitled to remain silent on an issue, due to their religious convictions? Or should they instead be forced to support an agenda, ...
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ministry of truth

Government’s new centre to control Kiwis’ speech

Kiwis have come to take ‘freedom of speech’ for granted, surely it’s a central tenet of our democracy? Perhaps not anymore. Below is a very ...
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woke cult and marxism

Is ‘Wokeism’ a cult that aims to destroy?

Wokeism – The Marxist Cult That Aims To Destroy? Wokeism is everywhere, especially in the media, academia, politics, our education system, and Big Tech. It’s ...
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books cancelled

They’ve cancelled the classic books?!

Sue Reid is a bookseller, wife and mother, and board member of Family First NZ. She says that there will always be a place for ...
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pro-life movement

Planning for the future of Pro-Life movement – by Olivia Boyd

Abortion is a highly emotional topic and at times can be very polarising. Because it touches on our deepest beliefs around the sanctity of life, ...
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recidivist violent offender

Violent offender, with 48 convictions, tries to kill pregnant partner. Unborn baby dies.

Sadly the Ardern Government is going to repeal the Three Strikes Law. So here’s a current story that illustrates the benefit of the Three Strikes ...
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Surrogacy Laws in NZ

The ‘Eggsploitation’ of Surrogacy

The Law Commission is currently reviewing surrogacy laws in New Zealand and Family First has just sent in a submission.
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Disney lurches full-woke, pushing ‘rainbow pride’ merchandise

The once family-friendly Disney continues to go full-woke, pushing ‘rainbow pride’ merchandise including LGBTQIA+ caps, backpacks, stickers, badges, mugs etc. Many of these are targeted ...
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REVEALED: Pink Shirt Day is not really about ALL bullying

UPDATED: May 2022 Last year, we were alerted to the fact that Pink Shirt Day (which uses an anti-bullying message as a massive cover-up for ...
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Hiding Child Abusers

MEDIA RELEASE – Fix ‘Right To Silence Law’ which hides child abusers

Family First NZ is repeating its call for a review of ‘right to silence’ laws which is effectively hindering investigations into child abuse. Family First ...
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Canada – Intoxication now a valid defence in murders, sex assaults

Canada continues its shift to woke liberalism and leftism, with their Supreme Court now ruling that extreme intoxication is a valid defence in murders, sex ...
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“Parents must be passionate advocates for their children’s education” – by Alwyn Poole

“Too many parents are waiting for the government and ministry to improve things and have become passive.” Here’s an excellent article written by Alwyn Poole, ...
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Lapdog or Watchdog

Poll – “Huge majority” oppose Government funding of our media

It was once a kiwi habit to sit together as a family and watch the evening news. We trusted our news media. But now, in ...
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MEDIA RELEASE – NZ’s Disturbing Falling Marriage & Fertility Rates

MEDIA RELEASE – 5 May 2022 Family First NZ is warning that the declining marriage and fertility rates are setting up a ‘perfect storm’ for ...
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Don’t Downplay the Risks of Rising Teen Marijuana Use – by Dr. Kevin Sabet

This article is written by Dr. Kevin Sabet. He is a former senior drug policy advisor to the Obama administration and currently serves as president ...
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Conservative – what’s in a name?

Written by our teenage guest writer, Olivia Boyd What is a conservative? It’s a word that’s used a lot across the political spectrum and on ...
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Australia – Gender Ideology in schools, ban on “boys & girls”

Much like New Zealand, extreme Marxist ideology is seeping into Australian school policies – including gender identity guidelines that attempt to ban the use of ...
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Kiwi woman marries herself, also stages ‘group self-love’ ceremony

There’s a ‘story’ that’s been appearing throughout our media this week. Yes, the media are all over this one – they love it. No it’s ...
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EUROPE: “epidemic-like phenomenon” among youth seeking transgender medical interventions

Across Europe there’s a rapid “epidemic-like” increase in gender dysphoria among youth. In some countries there has been a startling 1,500 percent increase in gender ...
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prenatal screening

US: Prenatal screening tests often wrong, leading to unnecessary abortions

Many parents are being given false prenatal screening results, incorrectly determining that the fetus will likely be born with genetic abnormalities. This ultimately results in ...
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FAMILY MATTERS: Exposed! Radical Sexuality & Gender Indoctrination in NZ Schools

If you’re a parent or guardian of a young child, this could be one of the most important episodes of Family Matters that you watch. ...
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‘Non-binary’ 18 year old, Charlie creates controversy in UK women’s fashion store

Monsoon, the UK women’s fashion retailer has been left in a state of inner conflict and confusion, as the store first turned away ‘non-binary’ 18 ...
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Considering the “Divisive” traffic light framework

Looking back at the events which unfolded over the summer months, it’s interesting to read that Human Rights Commissioner, Paul Hunt, told the Prime Minister ...
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Fact-checking common misconceptions about porn

Porn has been labelled “the new drug”, with so many people now addicted to internet porn. Sadly, a significant portion of the internet is devoted ...
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‘Abysmally low’ – Few drug users engaging with Government’s helpline

Our present Government prefers a “health approach” to drug use in New Zealand, yet this approach does not appear to be favoured by many drug ...
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Death-on-demand soars in NZ: 66 people die under new law

Media Release from #DefendNZ | Death-on-demand soars in NZ: 66 die from new assisted suicide and euthanasia law The latest insights from the Ministry of ...
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Easter should prioritise families, not shopping

No doubt many of us will join the hordes of shoppers rushing off to shopping malls this Easter weekend. Social distancing might be very challenging ...
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FAMILY MATTERS: We need a media we can trust

Trust in our mainstream media has decreased significantly over the last couple of years – according to a new AUT analysis. Should that concern us? ...
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Wokeness “hasn’t been easy for the Greens”

It must be exhausting for the Green party to try and juggle their confused woke ideology. They currently have male & female co-leaders under their ...
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AUT study – Fewer than half of New Zealanders trust the media

Do you trust the media? New research by AUT reveals an ongoing and rapid decline in trust, with only 45% of kiwis still trusting the ...
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Liberalising abortion law leads to a shift in morality

An unborn life is a human life and should be treated as one Written by Olivia Boyd Warning: If this discussion around abortion causes you ...
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